Avaira contact lenses are excellent for those who need more moisture and oxygenation throughout the day. Benefiting from Coopervision’s Aquaform® Technology, Avaira contact lenses provide enhanced breathability keeping your eyes white and healthy. Purchase your lenses today and we’ll get them to your Costa Rica location within one week.

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Avaira Vitality

Six pack of soft contact lenses with class 1 UV blocker for daily use and monthly replacement suitable for both nearsighted and farsighted vision deficiencies. Avaira uses an improved third generation silicone hydrogel material and reinforced edges for long-lasting comfort and sharper vision. Enter your prescription details below to order your lenses.

  • ¢30,300

Avaira Toric for Astigmatism

Avaira Toric contact lenses are optimized for astigmatism. Featuring CooperVision's Aquaform technology, your eyes will stay healthy and feel moist throughout the day.

  • ¢39,900
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