Biofinity Toric

Coopervision's Biofinity Toric contact lenses are becoming one of the most prescribed brands for astigmatism. Featuring Aquaform® Technology, the lenses allow plenty of oxygen into your eye while maintaining a wet feel throughout the day and evening. These lenses come in a box of 6 and are designed to be replaced on a monthly basis.
Manufacturers: Biofinity , CooperVision
Right Eye
Left Eye
Products specifications
Power +8.00

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Basic plastic case for storing contact lenses.

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Biofinity Toric XR


Lente de contacto mensual suave diario para astigmatismos importantes, miopía o hipermetropía. Fabricación especial importación 4-6 semanas.

Picture of Biofinity Contact Lenses

Biofinity Contact Lenses


Six pack of premium soft contact lenses for daily use and monthly replacement to correct nearsighted or farsighted vision. They provide lasting comfort thanks to their exclusive Aquaform Technology that enables plenty of oxygen to flow to your eyes. These lenses are approved for prolonged use for up to 7 days in a row. Input your prescription details below.

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