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FreshLook contact lenses are an excellent brand to enhance or totally change the color of your eyes. We carry FreshLook Colorblends, Colors, and Dimensions. The lenses are available with or without power adjustments. Scroll below to find your color and product.

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FreshLook Colorblends (Neutral)

This box comes with two monthly wear lenses in a color of your choosing. No prescription required as the lenses do not include power.

  • ¢20,000

FreshLook Colorblends 6 lenses (Prescribed)

Box with 6 prescribed monthly-wear contact lenses in a color of your choosing. Available in 12 colors: Amethyst, Blue, True Sapphire, Brilliant Blue, Brown, Gray, Sterling Gray, Pure Hazel, Honey, Turquoise, Green, and Gemstone Green.

  • ¢58,000

Freshlook Colors

6 pack of monthly color contact lenses available in blue, sapphire blue, green, hazel, violet, and gray. Available with prescription to correct both far and nearsightedness.

  • ¢58,000

FreshLook Dimensions 6 pack

Freshlook dimensions are an excellent option for lighter eyed contact lens wearers. The colors available are Carribean Aqua, Pacific Blue, and Sea Green. Available in positive and negative vision correction powers as well as non-prescription solely for cosmetic use.

  • ¢55,000
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