Proclear Sphere Contact Lenses

Six Pack of soft disposable contact lenses for daily use and monthly replacement to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness. Thanks to their unique PC Technology the water molecules actually become a part of the Proclear lens keeping the lenses moist and comfortable even after 12 hour of use. The technology enables a natural resistance to dryness as the lens maintains one of the highest water contents on the market. Place your order below.
Manufacturers: Biofinity , CooperVision
Right Eye
Left Eye

Leer la caja de Biofinity XR es simple: Las 3 variables a elegir son Cantidad de Cajas, el Poder ("PWR" en la caja) y la Curva Base ("BC" en la caja). Los demás atributos no cambian como el diámetro (DIA) siempre es 14.40 mm y la curva base (BC) 8.7 mm.

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