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PureVision 2 Multifocal

Six pack of soft contact lenses for daily use and monthly replacement to correct presbyopia associated or not with myopia and hyperopia. Featuring 3-Zone Progressive Design that provides incredible vision at all distances, near, far, and everywhere in-between. Input your prescription details below to place your order.
Manufacturers: Bausch & Lomb , PureVision
Right Eye
Left Eye

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Picture of PureVision 2

PureVision 2


Six pack of soft extended wear contact lens for daily use and monthly replacement to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness. PureVision 2 lenses can be used day and night for up to 30 days. The lenses are also approved for therapeutic use in the event of ocular pathologies. Input your prescription details below.

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Custom Contact Lenses

Contact lenses with special design according to patient's needs.

Picture of Aquify 10ml Lubricant

Aquify 10ml Lubricant


Lubrica el ojo, proporcionando alivio a las personas con sintomas de irritación y cansancio ocular. Recomendada en casos de ojo seco, enrojecimiento y molestias en épocas de alergias o en casos que no se solucionan con una lágrima standard. Especialmetne recomendada en ojos sensibles.

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